So many networks and so little time! Implementing a social media marketing plan that suits your business can be a great asset to your on-line marketing strategy. Social Media can be a little overwhelming at first and it’s a rapidly changing world. The best way to approach Social Media Marketing is to start with a selective plan. You should choose the social networks that best fit your strategy and the goals you want to achieve on social media. You don’t have to try to connect to potential customers via every social platform.

Selectively use social media marketing networks to engage with your customers

Selectively use social media networks to engage with your customers.

The Social Media Marketing Strategy Process

The fundamentals to the success of any social media marketing campaign is preparation and planning. The ground rules…

  1. Carefully select your networks
  2. Comprehensively complete your profile
  3. Pick your style
  4. Map out your posting strategy
  5. Measure and refine
  6. ‘Rinse and repeat’

We love to engage people. If we identify that a social marketing strategy is a strategically effective way of engaging with your audience, we can manage that campaign for you, for real results. Just contact us for a consultation and we’ll customise a Social Media Marketing plan to suit your business as part of an overall strategy. One of our social media platforms of choice is Google+. Just visit our page for an example of how to effectively engage with customers over a social network.