Every business wants to be found at the ‘top of Google’. Many companies will claim that they can get your business that elusive spot at the ‘top of the search results’, and indeed they can, but they usually rely on Search Engine Marketing techniques such as Google Adwords. But whilst that 1st Google Adword position ‘hints’ at being the hottest piece of real estate on the results page, that spot is only capturing approximately 7% of the page traffic. The top ‘organic‘ search result will typically capture over 35% of the search page traffic. On average any of the top 5 organic spots will bring your website more traffic than the top Google Adword spot, which is why Search Engine Optimisation is so important. Obtaining a prominent ranking in Google’s organic search engine results is therefore an incredibly desirable and incredibly valuable lead generation strategy for your business.

Organic search results still generate the bulk of search engine results page traffic which is why search engine optimisation is important

Organic search results still generate the bulk of search engine results page traffic.

The Search Engine Optimisation Process

Applying Search Engine Optimisation ‘best practice’ to your website is an intensive exercise, but has potentially great rewards in the form of more traffic and customer conversions. We would love the opportunity to work with you on your business’s online presence.

Our comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation strategy involves

  • An Initial SEO Audit
  • Keyword & Traffic Research
  • An Site-wide SEO Overhaul
  • Content Marketing
  • Backlink Link Building
  • Establishing Directory Listings
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Reporting, Analysis & Fine-tuning

We excel at helping businesses promote themselves on the Internet, so trust Go Robot Ltd to construct & implement an effective Internet marketing strategy for your business.

Just contact us for a consultation and we can put together a plan to accelerate the on-line profile of your business.