Here at Go Robot, we recognise that REAL business goals are key. Be it profile raising, product launches, meeting sales targets, supporting growth, lead generation or simply bragging that your business is the ‘bees knees’, custom Internet marketing strategies will be tailored and implemented to drive towards your business goals.

A respectable marketing budget to invest is a must .. … and I choose the word ‘invest’ carefully, because that’s what marketing is, an investment leading to an enhanced return. If you’re the kind of business that considers the Internet and a website as a necessary expense, farmed out to the lowest bidder, we’re probably not the Internet marketing partner for you. If however, you have a thirst to grow your business, can see the massive potential in an online market and wish to work with a results driven Internet marketing team, you sound right up our street.

We walk and talk Internet marketing

To give you some idea of the market rates for quality work, we’ve transparently listed indicative project scopes and costs on our website. You’ll find indicative pricing for web development, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and display remarketing which all include free Google Analytics setup.

So, have a ‘peruse’, read up on our philosophy, check out the team profiles, but more importantly, just drop our team a message via your electronic medium of choice, or just go ‘old-school’ and call on 0800 000 855 to arrange a time to discuss the benefits of a establishing a ‘kick-ass’ Internet marketing strategy for 2016.

We look forward to working with you!

Roy Bartholomew, Director & Technical Lead, Go Robot Ltd